Yes, everyone knows that you are a local hard worker, that you have your own honest income. Although I do not think that you are so naive and will not bicker with me over trifles. I am for a businesslike approach to any business and my proposal to you will sound only once. You understand very well that there are people in the neighborhood who are much more serious than you. They are also thoroughly scoured and drop gear too. And so: can you bring these rare items for me? The answer is that you will receive your reward!

To start this quest you need to finish all quests, except these:


You need to find 24 streamer’s items in raid

Below is the info where to find most of them:

Old firesteel: Reserve RB-AM, Labs – Robotic Arm

Battered antique Book, Raven figurine, Veritas guitar pick: Safes

FireKlean gun lube: tech. supply boxes. Labs – Robotic Arm

Golden rooster, Silver Badge: Labs – Red roob, Safes, Manager’s office

Beard oil Deadlyslob: Interchange – CHP, OLI’s Offices, Info rack on front of IDEA

Golden 1Gphone: Interchange – Stores with Electrical stuff, CHP

Jar of DevilDog mayo, Can of sprats: Food boxes, Shoreline – 216, 218, 112 West wing

Can of Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans, 42nd Signature Blend English Tea – Food boxes, Jaeger’s stashes, bags

Pestily plague mask, Shroud half-mask, Antique Axe, Fake mustache, Kotton beanie – scav box (moonshine), Gluhar’s and Shturman’s guards, Scavs, Raiders, Cultists

Rack at The Labs, where FireKlean and old Firesteel can spawn

Rack at The Labs, where FireKlean and old Firesteel can spawn

Beard oil at Interchange at CHP

Beard oil at Interchange at CHP

Got it? Show what you brought. I do not give up my words and respect the agreement. So keep your present – you deserve it!

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