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Hi! Believe me, I’ve heard a lot about you. As I understand it, everything follows you – both good and not so good. Only all this is not suitable in our difficult conditions of survival. You need to have a clear position and determine which side you are on. Otherwise, there will be no case. I am among those who cleanse our land from all sorts of scum. Navels will tear, trying to drag us further into the abyss. If you share my views, you can join. Now any help will not be superfluous. I trust the Mechanic, and he spoke well of you. I appreciate people you can rely on. I no longer intend to watch all this chaos and orgy from around the corner. At first he sat out, did not ask for trouble, cuckoo calmly in his reserve. And I never thought it would come straight to such delirium. Murders and robberies began. Local bandyugans in the edge of ohamel. They turned our city into something incomprehensible! You can’t even describe it in words, and I’m not going to continue. In short, I may need your services. The first thing to do is to stock up on supplies. Hermits are quickly running out of supplies. And this story is just about me.


It is recommended to visit the location Interchange, specifically the “Goshan” store.

Iskra ration pack can be crafted in the hideout, or can be found in small black weapon boxes at the Interchange and the Labs

Food can be found in sports bags, killed scavs, etc.

Find food in Goshan on map
 "Goshan" store at the Interchange

“Goshan” store at the Interchange

Recommended loot area for food

Recommended loot area for food

Thanks. Now we will think about what to do next.
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Next quest “The survivalist path. Thrifty”

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