Доктор «Айболит»
Previous quest “The survivalist path. Cold blooded”
I have troubles here sometimes. How else, when you live in such a wilderness? I often find people near death. Here and there. And it would be okay what scum were lying around. No, good people. I want to help. Do you know how it feels when someone’s life ends in your arms? No more strength. I would like to get a defibrillator, or rather a couple. Then there would be a chance to save. Get me what I’m asking for, but that’s not all. There are special sets of CMS, surgical. Here they are also badly needed.


Items are needed to find in the raid.

Defibrillators can be found in the Lab and at the Interchange.

The map below shows a defibrillator spawn in the Lab.

At the Interchange, they can be found in the Pharmacy on the second floor. The room is locked with the ULTRA medical storage key ULTRA. To open it, you need to supply power to the CHP.

CMS Surgical Kits can be found on the Reserve in the Medical Unit (building with a white elephant chess piece).

Defibrillator can be crafted in the hideout

RequirementsTime of creationResult
Medstation 2 lvl

5h 15min x1
Portable defibrillator
Find defibrillators in the Labs
Find defibrillator at Interchange
Well, did you find it? Oh, awesome. Now you can be a healer part-time.

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