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Визит вежливости
Previous quest “The survivalist path. Tough guy”
I want to send you to the Sanatorium. Not on vacation, of course. On the contrary, on the case. I haven’t been to those lands for a long time, but I need to know something, this is important. My classmates live in that village. There she is alone, standing with a church. Try to find my homies. You can start with Peter, he is the local priest. Micah is an ordinary fisherman, a good guy. And Styopa covers everything there, he is the chairman. I worry a little about them, and I sense something was wrong. Times are harsh now. Find out if anyone is left.


All houses are located next to each other on the Shoreline in a sunken village. You need to go inside them.

Below is a more detailed location of the houses

Chairman’s House on map
Fisherman’s House on map
Priest’s House on map
Chairman's House

Chairman’s House

Fisherman's House

Fisherman’s House

Priest's House.

Priest’s House.

Except for the chairman’s house, nothing survived? And Styopa is not there? Eh, how is it …
Next quest “Nostalgia”

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