Hunting trip

На охоту
Previous quest “Huntsman path. Woods keeper”
Come on, come in. Shake the seagull? Well, as you know, my job is to propose. I’m expecting guests soon, I would like to entertain the guys according to their profile. Only hunting with murkas is somehow not ice. Weird idea. We need rifles, do you organize like brothers? Yes, such that the squirrel in the eye, aiming. Well, you understand. My friends are noble collectors, obsessed with trophies. Surely they will want to replenish their collections with another animal. And I’m not averse to hunting. If you fulfill the request at the highest level, I will not offend, you know me. In general, remember the parameters. Ergonomics should be more than 50, recoil – less than 600. Sight – optics. Get us a March Tactical 3-24×42 FFP. Everything, I’m waiting for the goods.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


It is necessary to kill the Shturman with a Remington M700 rifle with a optic sight

The Shturman appears in Woods at the sawmill with 35% chance. Has two snipers as guards

It is not necessary to kill the Shturman from the optics, the main thing is that the kill should be with the Remington, on which there is a optic sight. You can put a mount under the optics and collimator

Assembling the Remington M700 for the quest Hunting trip

Assembling the Remington M700 for the quest “Hunting trip”

Thank you, I made you happy. Rifles are such that you swing. Should I do them myself, haha.

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