Huntsman path. Sadist

Путь охотника. Садист
This quest is related to “Colleagues. Part 3”
Greetings warrior! I felt sad and remembered the past. I think about how it used to be: how I walked along the seashore, how the waves licked my feet, the white sand gently caressed my feet, and the stunning sunset beckoned me to stay there forever. What now? Where did it all go? All around the smell of rot, dirt and desolation, everything is abandoned, the stench filled the city. But someone decided that this was not enough for us, and by the will of fate, a strange character appeared in our city who makes the blood run cold in our veins. Now it is better not to go out into the street without an escort, it is not known whether you will return home alive. Otherwise, as a creature, the orderly and language does not dare to call it. This monster conducts terrible experiments on people, creates a bunch of different abominations! You can’t leave it like that, such scum has no right to trample our land. Deal with it, our world will only benefit from this and become cleaner.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


After accepting this quest, it becomes available Colleagues. Part 3. The therapist will ask you not to kill the Sanitar and bring a green and blue key card. The reward does not justify the costs, so we take the side of the Jaeger and go to kill the Sanitar.

The Sanitar can be found in the sanatorium, in the Norvinsky yacht club and in the cottage village on the Shore. He has a retinue of two heavily armed opponents.

Dialogue in case of quest completion

Maybe someone thinks that the orderly did good deeds, but he brought much more evil. How much blood is on his hands! You did the right thing, don’t even hesitate, don’t listen to anyone! There are a lot of well-wishers here who want to make you regret what you did. I have seen a lot in my life, and I know exactly what people look like, whose cuckoo has flown off, for them there are no boundaries, they will not stop at anything. The orderly is one of those, they do not heal, they only shoot them like mad dogs.

Dialogue in case of quest failure

Have you decided to believe the woman? Drool in front of the skirt? If he treated someone, then he had the right to kill others with impunity? Yes, you have completely lost their minds with this war, since you are not able to distinguish good from evil. Get out of my sight, I need to be alone.

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