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Courtesy visit
You know, memory is a very insidious thing, it does not give rest for days on end. The day when it all began looms before our eyes. More precisely, the evening. Yes, that was after dinner at the sanatorium. I went to my room, not suspecting anything. I admired the bay from the window – a marvelous view. Quiet, nice, sincere. Yes, they just broke this silence in an instant. A whole column of trucks came here. Yuseks promoted everyone, they didn’t even give time for training. Don’t care about the clothes, there was nothing of value there. Other things upset me. An album with photographs remained there. There is so much meaningful and memorable stored in it, you can’t even imagine. Listen, go over there, okay? Go there on the top floor. And suddenly my little album survived! I will not remain in debt to you – you should know so.


The path lies on the Shoreline into room 303 of the western wing of the sanatorium. The room is open; no key is needed.

In the lower compartment of the bedside table, there will be the desired item.

Pick it up and leave the location alive.

Find photo album on map
Photo album in the bedside table.

Photo album in the bedside table.

Found? You’re not kidding? Glory to heaven, this is good luck! Hey, wait, where are you going ?! Not finished yet. I got one yusek here, he was bad at all, poor fellow. I tied it up, but it didn’t help. He gave me the key before his death, from their cache. Here it is, it’s yours. There must be something interesting in there. Look for a cache in the area of ​​the sanatorium. Thanks again.

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