Shady business

Мутное дело
Предыдущий квест “What’s on the flash drive?”
I’ll tell you about one Kent from Tarkov. Chased – Skier. A muddy comrade, even noticeable in his face. I would not be surprised if I was involved in some dirty business. I should organize a spy on him. He’s always looking for some flash drives. The whole district already knows. It even became interesting, what is stored there on them. I want to involve you in this business. Bring me a couple of these sticks. Let’s see the content on the spot. The mechanic will chew on what it is. Just don’t poke your nose into the market, there is nothing but a “linden tree”.


A secure flash drive must be found in raid

Flash drives can most often be found inside safes.

There are a large number of safes at the Customs. You need to buy the following keys at the flea market: 105, 110, 114, 204, 214, customs offices key and the cabinet key. Safe in each room

You can also check drawers. There are a lot of them on the Reserve

Sometimes they stick out of the system blocks

The Secure Flash Drive can be crafted in the Hideout in the Level 2 Intelligence Center

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Intelligence Center 2 lvl

Broken GPhone
Broken GPhone X
SSD drive
34 h 13 min x3
Secure Flash drive
Find safes at Customs
Find drawers on the Reserve


USB stick sticking out of the computer

USB stick sticking out of the computer

Three drawers

Three drawers

Found? Now we will find out what he is so obsessed with.

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