The survivalist path. Eagle-owl

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As I’ve read in one article, the human eye can get used to the darkness. You know, I wanted to check, and I almost broke my leg in a deadfall. Guess I’m a little old for such a metamorphosis. But you, I think, are in the prime of life. A well-trained night vision can help us very much in our difficult tasks. So take care of this. You’re a tough guy, you can take a punch. But what if you can’t see anything at night and suddenly get ambushed by some scum? Those things happen quite often, not everyone can take NVG’s into their raids. So, show me how you see in the dark, without any gadgets.


There is enough light in the Ultra mall at night.

Find defibrillators in the Labs
Find defibrillator at Interchange
How much do you say? Six? And all without a “device”? Indeed, the night hunter turned out, well done, guy.

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