The survivalist path. Junkie

Путь выживальщика. Торчок
Previous quest “The survivalist path. Cold blooded”
Times are harsh now, you know, in order to survive all means are good, not even the safest for health. Here are the same stimulants. In our region, they are increasingly noticed. In fact, drugs, so that they, I sense the terragroup is involved here. Well, okay, you are a fighter, you want it or not, but you will have to learn how to use them in battle, because he can not only kill, but also save your life


You need to kill 15 scavs in the Forest under the stimulant.

Any stimulant that increases stats will do. It is recommended to use propital, as it is cheap and its effect lasts for 300 seconds.

Provisions that gives skill buffs such as the Hot Rod can be used.

Find scavs on map
What, has already left? Keep it up

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