The survivalist path. Wounded beast

Путь выживальщика. Раненый зверь
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Have you had any force majeure events? Let’s say I caught a bullet in a scrape, but there is no time for bandaging. We must run to save the skin, otherwise it’s kaput. To survive, you need to be able to pull yourself together. Remember my words and find a place for them in your skull. You can’t get out without self-control! This skill must be present in a real fighter.


Reduce hydration in the raid to 0 with food. A can of DevilDog or two cans of condensed milk are better suited. Also take water with you.

Eat food, wait for half a minute when the screen starts to blur go kill the scavs. After killing enough scavs, drink water.

It is recommended to complete this quest at the Factory

Happened? Well done. You are preparing at a fast pace. We’ll start putting things in order soon.
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