The Tarkov shooter. Part 2

Тарковский стрелок. Часть 6
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I have a friend named Shabelsky. He and Tadeusz have known each other for a long time. So, he once scribbled stories about the war. Interesting stories, I do not argue, I liked it. Then he decided to sell the rights to his collections for a Western film. Now again this film company is shaking, bablishko demands from them. He cannot calm down in any way. It had already reached the point that Tarkov asked me to give me fighters. Apparently, I had to tighten my belts in earnest. The whole world does not care about Tarkov. They think we have a conveyor belt of murderers here. But no one wants to sort out our situation. That’s how we live. The sniper has prepared another test for you. Ready?


Buy a Mosin rifle (Sniper) and put any optical sight.

Go into the Woods and shoot scavs in the legs and heads from 60 meters.

You can also try to do this quest on scav snipers.

Not bad.
Next quest “The Tarkov shooter. Part 3”

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