The Tarkov shooter. Part 5

Тарковский стрелок. Часть 5
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I equipped everything so as to wait out here not only this mess. Obviously, the conflict will dry up, but nothing is improving so quickly in this world. From experienced people I heard: the state of affairs will only get worse. How long – hell knows, this is a completely different question. Now it will be tight without a comfortable shelter. Havchik and food will be worth its weight in gold. The same nonsense with fuel. I think the Sniper spotted you in time. You will pass the check at night. Try it there.


Buy a Mosin rifle, modify it at will and go to the Customs in the period from 21.00 to 05.00 to kill scavs.

Find scavs on map
Did you spend your ammo on the bad ones?
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