A Shooter Born in Heaven

Стрелок от бога
Previous quest “Farming. Part 3”
It is easy to distinguish between an amateur and a professional. It is the strength and ability that allows you to approach any goal from the right angle. For example, to eliminate several enemies superior in strength, from a considerable distance, but in a non-standard combat situation … here it will be important to note not the presence of excellent weapons and a set of other equipment, but personal qualities, then I want to see what you are like can you imagine.


It is recommended to collect MDR for this quest. With MOA (In short, MOA is an indicator of accuracy. The less is the better) 1.5, you can hit the target up to 300 meters and the bullet will not deviate too much

We take the M856A1 ammo (Since it is a tracer, you will see where the bullet is flying. Like your enemies. If you don’t want to play with the tracer, then take the M995). This bullet pierces most helmets, does little damage to the chest, which gives more chances for hits on the head, bullets of 5.56×45 caliber fly very quickly and do not fall for a long time, unlike bullets of 7.62×51 or 7.62×54 caliber; The Vudu sight has a comfortable mark and two zoom modes. Well, and a muffler, to give out your position less. The magazine can be taken for 30 rounds

Do not forget to set the sighting distance of 100 in the optics when aiming at “Page Up”. Approximate zeroing at points is shown in the video

Recommended positions for killing PMCs at each location can be found below.

Woods. Position #1
Woods. Position #2
Reserve. Position #1
Reserve. Position #2
Shoreline. Position #1
Shoreline. Position #2
Shoreline. Position #3
Customs. Position #1
Customs. Position #2
Customs. Position #3

MDR assembly for the Shooter from quest A Shooter Born in Heaven

Well, surprised, you can’t argue. Although it’s immediately obvious that you’re a cunning guy, it’s worth admitting.

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