Bad habit

Вредная привычка
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I know, I know, smoking will kill me someday, but now it doesn’t matter at all. There is a lot of work to be done on the wiring. The voltage on the network is planned to be huge, and therefore it is necessary to secure the network. With a continuous load, it was not enough for us to burn everything to hell here. Only you are not here for this, I do not want to be distracted from work, so bring me some cigarettes. A couple of dozen packs, you can even different ones, the main thing is that they are not damp and not burned, personally check.


It is required to find three types of cigarettes in the raid: Malboro, Strike, and Wilston, 5 pieces each.

To do this, go to the Customs and loot caches, dead scavs, bags and jackets.

It is not necessary to complete this quest at the Customs; the necessary containers at this location are very tightly located to each other.

Wilston cigarettes are the least likely to spawn.

Wilston cigarettes can be crafted at the nutrition unit level 2

Необходимые предметыВремя созданияРезультат
Пищеблок 2 уровня

Сигареты Союз Аполлон 1 шт
Сигареты Союз Аполлон
Коробка с чаем 1 шт
Коробка с чаем
1 час 41 минутаСигареты Wilston 5 шт
Сигареты Wilston
Find cigarettes on map
Great, I can now work for a long time without being distracted.

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