Oh, hello, come in. Listen, I have a request for you. Can you shoot at long distances? I need to carry out some sighting calculations, zeroing for any weapon is extremely important. You need to take your favorite rifle and shoot at opponents from a distance of at least 100 meters. Shots are needed for sure and serious targets are needed, put everything in a notebook, and I will already process the data. I’m waiting for the results.


You must kill 20 PMCs from at least 100m away

The quest is similar to the A Shooter Born in Heaven, with the exception that you can kill in any part of the body

The Woods location is best suited for this quest, as there are large open spaces

However, even at the Customs there are places where there will be more than a hundred meters

You can read some tips here: A Shooter Born in Heaven

MDR assembly for the Shooter from quest A Shooter Born in Heaven

Excellent, this is the data I need, give me the records here. Thank you, mercenary.

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