Farming. Part 1

Садоводство. Часть 1
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Very interesting events happened yesterday. Someone decided to bring down the cryptocurrency market with a huge one-time investment. Moreover, from its rates, TARGox began to close orders at times lower than the market price. And right there, the queue of applications simply collapsed, immediately replenished with cheaper deals. Well, it is quite logical, many are in the money, but on the contrary, I managed to buy myself a couple of hundred for a cheap price. And most importantly, you know that the next day the price returned to its previous value. Someone clearly controls the market, so the main thing is not to miss the moment. By the way, you already know the factory very well, so find the control panels. And if you forgot, then the way to them is on the red signal lamps. Use the toolboxes and get on with the repairs while I’m busy cooling.


Buy at the flea market a set of tools in the amount of two pieces and go to the Factory.

You need to find two control panels that are flashing red. They are located in an area where there are several cargo handling vehicles. Below there are images showing their location.

If you were killed, provided that you managed to repair one of the panels, it does not need to be repaired again.

Find first control panel on map
Find second control panel on map
First control panel

First control panel

Second control panel

Second control panel

Well done, I didn’t expect you to finish so quickly, a little more and I’ll finish.
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