Farming. Part 2

Садоводство. Часть 2
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I think you already understood that I am building a farm. It’s good that there is a satellite “Ebambium”, not all the time to mess around on the net. You know, the more time you devote to this business, the more you realize that this is the future. The new digital age, where, along with the change in the speed of the network and the distribution of data, the very appearance of this virtual world has changed. Civilization has entered a new era, a new round of development, but it has spread to the virtual space. It has its own economy, its own laws and regulations. It is no longer important where you were and by whom you were born, here everyone is equal and only the strength of our abilities solves problems. Okay, I have already figured out the power supply, now we need the details. Get me cables, tees and all sorts of small peripherals.


Items you need to find in the raid.

These items can be found at electronics spawn locations. For example, at the Interchange in electronics stores.

Power cable and PCBs can be made in the hideout on the level 1 workbench

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Workbench 1 lvl

T-Shaped Plug
Insulating tape
35 min x2
Workbench 1 lvl

Flat screwdriver
DVD drive
33 min x2
Printed circuit board
Find electronics stores on the map
Yes, I think that’s enough for a confident start.
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