Farming. Part 4

Садоводство. Часть 4
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Last evening, I set myself a collimator on the M4 and glanced at the monitors. Where actually some local, as if praying. He was on the ground and on the walls, drawing some strange and completely incomprehensible symbols. Like creating an altar, where in the center of everything he laid out his weapons, as a gift to his unknown gods. In fact, it seemed to me more logical than at first glance. After all, he gave them the most precious thing that we have here, a weapon. As I heard, these are some kind of sectarians, perhaps someone came across them. You know, I don’t have enough electronic power. It is worth upgrading several graphics cards and cooling systems. And thanks for the delivery, by the way.


Items must be found in the raid.

These items can be found at electronics spawn locations. For example, at the Interchange in electronics stores.

Coolers are most often found in computers

Graphics cards can be made in the hideout in the Intelligence Center 2 lvl

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Intelligence Center 2 lvl

Printed circuit board
VPX Flash Storage Module
Ratchet wrench
96h 56min x1
Graphics card
Find electronics stores on map
Well, I think I can collect everything by the evening, thanks again.
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