Gunsmith. Part 1

Оружейник. Часть 1
Yes, I’m the same Mechanic. And yes, I have a lot of work to do right now. Let’s not make unnecessary chatter, you wanted to help me here, so listen. Although I agree, it’s a pity that there was time, so also the programmer for PLC100 ordered to live a long time. All these orders were piled on as evil. Although, why am I telling you all this now, you better go and find something for me. Get the MP-133, I myself do not have time to do anything, and I don’t have the necessary parts here. The gun should be comfortable, with more than 47 ergonomics. It is also necessary to find a laser sight for it and an extended magazine. The recoil here is significant, but also important, no more than 850. And with all this, it should not take up more than 4 cells. Okay, good luck, we’ll chat later.


It is recommended to use a weapon with a durability of 100, as the Mechanic may not accept a weapon with a low durability

MP-133 specifications:60 Durability, 47 or greater ergonomics, 850 or less recoil, 4 or fewer cells of space. an extended magazine (6 or greater) any tactical device (such as the NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-Module)

When passing the quest through the flea market: We buy the MP-133 12k Shotgun (Standard) and modifications in the table below

MP-133 12ga pump-action shotgunJaeger 1 lvl.
Custom plastic MP-133 forestock with railsMechanic 1 lvl. (Barter)
Jaeger 2 lvl.
МP-133/153 plastic pistol gripJaeger 2 lvl.
ME Cylinder 12ga muzzle adapter Jaeger 2 lvl.
GK-02 Muzzle 12ga BrakeJaeger 2 lvl.
NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-ModuleSkier 1 lvl.
Zenit RK-6 tactical foregripSkier 1 lvl.
Modified MP-133 for Gunsmith. Part 1

Modified MP-133 for Gunsmith. Part 1

You’ve got it? Leave it in the corner, thank you. A beautiful thing, right? Anyway, I’m a little busy right now, can’t talk for long.
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