Gunsmith. Part 11

Оружейник. Часть 11
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While I was here working on the network, I had thoughts about whether we are different from it and when we will finally be able to replace our unreliable brains with technologies like this. How close do you think the moment is when biology will give way to technology? I hope and think very soon. Even now we know that the work of the brain in general is similar to that of a conventional processor. There is an incoming signal, the result of their actions, processing and the necessary response. There are laws by which we build neural connections in our head similar to machine ones. How are they different from our thinking? I do not think that people want to live in a world limited by their narrow physical abilities, where dreams, only fantasy, are far from reality. It would be nice to live in a world where fantasy is reality, but even there we need a purpose so as not to waste eternity. So, for you there is definitely a goal. Get AC Val for me. With an installed GL Shock butt, a peq-15 tactical unit, an NSPU-M night vision sight and a magazine with a capacity of 30 rounds. Ergonomics in this case should be above 34, and the amount of recoil, on the contrary, should not be higher than 250.


It is recommended to use a weapon with a durability of 100, as the Mechanic may not accept a weapon with a low durability

AS VAL specifications:60 Durability, 34 or more ergonomics, 250 or less recoil, Fab Defence GL Shock Stock, AN/PEQ-15 tactical device, NSPU-M night Scope, 30-round SR3M.130 9×39 SR3M magazine

When passing the quest through a flea market or merchants: We buy a Special “VAL” Automatic Rifle (Standard) and modifications in the table below

AS VAL Prapor level 3 (Exchange)
Prapor level 4
9x39 SR3M.130 30-round magazinePrapor level 3 (Exchange)
Prapor level 4
AS VAL Rotor 43 pistol grip & buffer tubeMechanic level 2
NSPU-M night vision scopePrapor level 2
VSS/VAL TOZ 6P29M MountJaeger 3 lvl.
AN/PEQ-15 tactical devicePeacemaker lvl 4
Fab Defence GL-SHOCK buttstockMechanic Lv 2 (Exchange)
Mechanic lvl 4

Modified AS VAL for Gunsmith. Part 11

Take the key as a reward, if you need it at the Interchange.
Next quest “Gunsmith. Part 12”

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