Gunsmith. Part 14

Оружейник. Часть 14
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I’m pondering here a way of teaching Lucy to determine where is the lie and where is the truth. And if the result is close to 90%, it will become very interesting to listen to those glorious politicians and bosses of the Terra Group who told us about stability, about the possibilities of our glorious economic potential and future. It is very interesting to find out how many lies were in their words, because I think that there was not even a word of truth there. Well, you are my friend, while you need to get the AKMN MY edition. The set includes a forend, a butt and a pistol-type grip, all of the same MOE configuration. Everything, of course, is black. Also get a Rotor 43 silencer and a tactical Magpul M-LOK AFG handle (Black), the amount of recoil should not exceed 340, the ergonomics should be above 44 and the weight should not be more than 5 kg with an aiming range of 500.


AKMN specifications:60 Durability, 340 or less recoil, 44 or more ergonomics, 5 kg or less in weight, 500 or greater sighting range, Magpul MOE AKM HAND GUARD (Black) for AK, MOE Carbine stock (Black), Magpul MOE pistol grip for AK, PMAG 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 7.62×39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity (Black), Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical grip (Black), Rotor 43 7.62×39 muzzle brake

When passing the quest through a flea market or merchants: Buy AKMN (Standard) and modifications in the table below. Be sure to buy only black modifications

AKMN 7.62x39 assault riflePrapor lvl 3
Rotor 43 7.62x39 muzzle brakeMechanic lvl 3 (Exchange)
AK Magpul MOE pistol gripMechanic lvl 3 (Exchange)
AKM/AK-74 ME4 buffer tube adapterSkier lvl 3
AK 7.62x39 Magpul Pmag 30 GEN M3 30-round magazinePeacemaker lvl 3
AK Magpul MOE AKM handguard (black)Skier lvl 3
Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical grip (black)Peacemaker lvl 3
Colt buffer tubePeacemaker lvl 2
Magpul MOE Carbine stock (black)Skier lvl 3
Magpul Rubber Butt-Pad for Carbine stock seriesPeacemaker lvl 3
Compact mount for sightsSkier lvl 2
Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 scopePeacemaker lvl 3
AKademia Bastion dust cover for АКSkier lvl 1
Modified AKMN for Gunsmith. Part 14

Modified AKMN for Gunsmith. Part 14

Thank you, we will contact you later.
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