Gunsmith. Part 5

Оружейник. Часть 5
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Oh, and I told you recently, forgive me, sometimes I am drawn to chat mainly because of loneliness. While you are sitting here, calibrating the next sight, you have time to make out too much in your head. By the way, the recent Emka came out just great, they were taken away almost immediately. Another thing, there was a certain Sniper here the other day. His order is not easy, he needs the Lobaev Rifle, a sabotage purpose. Of course, there must be optics and a multi-laser unit. The recoil should not be great, up to 400. Let the ergonomic data be more than 23, and the mass is about 6.6 kg or less. And the most important thing he said is the sighting range of 2000, obviously his business is serious, so don’t let me down.


It is recommended to use a weapon with a durability of 100, as the Mechanic may not accept a weapon with a low durability

DVL-10 specifications:60 Durability, 35 or greater ergonomics, 400 or less recoil, 2,000 or greater sighting range, 6.6 kg or less in weight, any tactical device (such as the NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-Module)

When passing the quest through a flea market or merchants: Buy DVL-10 “Saboteur” (Standard) and modifications in the table below. You need to remove the magazine so that the rifle weighs less

Lobaev Arms DVL-10 Saboteur .308 bolt-action sniper rifleSkier level 4
Nightforce magmount 34mm ringsMechanic level 2 (Exchange)
Jaeger level 3
Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 riflescopeJaeger 4 lvl.
NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-ModuleSkier level 1

Modified DVL-10 for Gunsmith. Part 5

Thank you, Dim… The sniper will be pleased.
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