Gunsmith. Part 8

Оружейник. Часть 8
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You know, I was thinking here, all these troubles and deprivations of our town, is this a process and the result of the natural actions of our residents, or is it a process that was controlled by the invisible hand of the conspirators? Maybe this is just the beginning of something bigger? Although you know, the more I think, the more I understand that people deserve it. People themselves, by their own actions, sometimes push themselves to the edge, acting, it would seem, as usual, but what was their habit, in fact, is an anchor that does not allow them to move forward. This is how they supported laboratories, scientists, businessmen, and then once they covered everyone with a hopeless problem. Okay, I’m always chatting with you, let’s get down to business. So, I need an AKM with a Fortis Shift handle and a glushak, a 30 magazine, from the same company, Magpul. So in terms of ergonomics, it should be above 57, the recoil in this case should be no more than 400, and in the end, the aiming and firing range is from 800.


It is recommended to use a weapon with a durability of 100, as the Mechanic may not accept a weapon with a low durability

AKM specifications:60 Durability, 350 or less recoil, 42 or more ergonomics, 800 or greater sighting range, A silencer, Fortis Shift tactical grip, PMAG 30 AK/AKM GEN M3 7.62×39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity (Black)

When passing the quest through a flea market or merchants: Buy AKM (Standard) and modifications in the table below

AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle Prapor level 2
AK 7.62x39 Taktika Tula muzzle adapterSkier lvl 1
АК TAPCO SAW-Style pistol gripPeacekeeper lvl 2
AK AKademia Bastion dust coverSkier level 2
AKM/AK-74 Zenit PT LockSkier level 2
AK 7.62x39 Magpul Pmag 30 GEN M3 30-round magazinePeacekeeper lvl 2
AK Zenit B-10М handguard with B-19 upper handguard mountSkier level 3
Fortis Shift tactical gripPeacekeeper lvl 4
AK Hexagon DTKP MK.2 7.62x39 sound suppressorSkier lvl 4
Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 scopePeacekeeper lvl 3
AK Zenit PT-1 "Klassika" stockSkier lvl 2
Compact mount adapter for sightsSkier lvl 2

Modified AKM for Gunsmith. Part 8

Great convenience, isn’t it?
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