Свой человек
Previous quest “Signal. Part 1”
I do not like to lie or cheat. We all do this sometimes. Sometimes it is a matter of survival, and sometimes because there is simply no other way out. I’m not a big fan of conversations, especially with strangers to me, but you seem to be one of those to whom trust quickly develops. Once you’ve got my approval, you can get it anywhere. Indeed, now, only humanity and old habits will help us survive in such an environment. Go and talk to Pavel Yegorovich, when he starts to trust you, I will be able to deal with the supply of gunpowder.


In order to raise the third level of loyalty with Prapor, you need to have a character level 22, 0.35 reputation (given for completing quests), the amount of turnover is 1,500,000 roubles.

Pavel Yegorovich is from a small number of those who remained, maybe because of military training, or maybe he simply did not have time to find something better.

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