Psycho Sniper

Previous quest “Wet Job. Part 6”
To master the sniper business, endurance, patience and dedication are not enough, you still need a huge number of different factors. Do you know what words I once heard from a Sniper? – “Anyone can learn to shoot, and only a few are given to become a real Sniper.”


It is recommended to complete the Mentor quest, where you have to pay 50,000 euros to the Peacemaker for 3 levels of Sniper rifles. Pay only when you get level 6 of Sniper Rifles.

To upgrade the Sniper Rifles skill, you need to hit the enemy with bolt-action rifles and reload. These rifles include: All types of Mosin Rifles, SV-98, DVL-10 “Saboteur”, Remington M700

It is recommended to take the Mosin Rifle and several packs of LPS ammo. Go to kill the scavs, shooting arms and legs continually reloading.

I will not hide the fact that even I had doubts that everything will work out for you. Now I saw that you are different from the rest.

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