Signal. Part 2

Сигнал. Часть 2
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I made a promise to tell you about the monster. It was a controller that had ceased to function, it clicked, and it seemed that someone was knocking on the door. This is how fears arise in our heads. But if I hadn’t gone and found out what was the matter, it would have been deactivated after a quarter of an hour due to the switched on relay. In this case, it would be very difficult to determine the source of the night sound. So, I dare to assume, and similar stories appear from magazines and newspapers. If I re-tune the frequency, then I will be able to bypass the signal jammers. At the same time, the owner of the jammers will not even have a reason to doubt that something suspicious is happening. For my purposes, a few pieces of equipment are useful. Perhaps, in this matter I need your help. Be careful with the extraction of electronic components, because it is not known who else is involved in this.


Items must be found in the raid, 3 pieces each. All items can be found in electronics stores at Interchange, but it’s not essential.

Check PCs for processors and printed circuit boards.

Batteries and smartphones can be found in file drawers.

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Workbench 1 lvl

Flat screwdriver
DVD drive
33 min x2
Printed circuit board
Workbench 1 lvl

Broken GPhone X
Broken LCD
Long flat screwdriver
1h 40 min x1
Broken GPhone
Find items on map
The assembly will not take long. Naturally, I am not a competitor to Electronics, but you shouldn’t worry him.
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