The chemistry closet

Кабинет химии
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Hello. Have you got the news yet? On the territory of the sanatorium some people showed up, a chemist or something by education. By all appearances, a greyhound fellow. In short, if you haven’t heard yet, then this huckster pushes stimulants to local junkies, and he does it quite professionally, without particularly showing off. And something tells me that this Kent appeared there for a reason. After all, they did not hear about him until this notorious Terragroup took root on the territory of the sanatorium. The idea that he himself is engaged in the manufacture of these stimulants is more and more often visited by me. I’ll bet a thousand bucks that he somehow has something to do with the Terragroup laboratory. It is possible that he has access to drugs and reagents, which he then badyazh on someone’s hut. Or he is a lab employee and creates his stimulants right there. I need you to find this place. As soon as you find it, let me know – I’ll send my specialists there. MB they will find something interesting.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


You need to find the Key with tape. Go to the flea market, remove the checkbox from “delete barter offers,” and exchange the key or go to the Shoreline, look for the Sanitar, kill him, and loot this key from him. Also, this room is often opened by other players, you just need to come in the middle or at the end of the raid

Next, we go to office 110 of the sanatorium’s eastern wing and leave the location alive.

Find office 110 east wing on the map
Office 110 of the east wing of the sanatorium

Office 110 of the east wing of the sanatorium

Can not be!!! Did you find it right on the first floor? You’re just handsome! My guys have been there more than once, but all their searches were unsuccessful. By the way, thanks a lot to you – I helped you out!

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