The Courier

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Hello, mercenary, can you help me out with something? I have a client, they need me to deliver a couple of items to two specific drop spots on Customs. Are you down? The client needs two REAP-IR scopes: the first one has to be stashed under the yellow crane on the construction site, it’s near a big fortified building, and the second one has to be stashed behind the garbage containers at the gas station, the one on the main road. The only issue is that I don’t have any of those scopes on me right now.


It is necessary to lay two Trijicon REAP-IR sights in different places

The first place is at the new gas station, near the dumpsters

Second place on the construction site near the large yellow crane

Find a place for laying thermal imaging sights at the Customs

Place of laying of the thermal imaging sight behind the garbage containers

The place where the thermal imaging sight was laid under the base of the construction crane

Excellent, this is the data I need, give me the records here. Thank you, mercenary.

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