Cargo X. Part 1

Груз X. Часть 1
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Good day! Today I am happy to say that our work is yielding good results. This is also your merit. At this time, blue helmets have established close cooperation with local people in all areas. Money is flowing. But, as you know, business is time. You previously visited the coast near the tunnel, which was blocked up. It was here that the terrorists intended to transport the secret cargo, but the operation failed miserably. Therefore, it is currently stored in an unknown location. The coordinating headquarters was in the sanatorium for some time, today, of course, there is nothing there anymore. Still, there are chances to find some useful information on the territory of the sanatorium, because they hardly took everything with them. I inform you that the computer center was on the 3rd floor of the complex.


Buy at the Flea Market the Healt resort east wing room 306 key or Healt resort east wing room 308 key. These are adjacent rooms.

Go to the sanatorium on the Shoreline. In room 306 of the east wing, there will be a laptop on the table under the computer desks. Pick it up.

Get out alive and pass the quest item to the Peacekeeper.

Find laptop on the map
Toughbook Protected Notebook

Toughbook Protected Notebook

Excellent laptop! I don’t understand how he could have been forgotten so imprudently. I am urgently transferring the equipment for decryption.
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