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Hi, may friend! One of my colleagues from blue helmets, even before the main turmoil, made an agreement with one signalman from the state reserve base, it was necessary to borrow a certain device. Which one, I don’t know very well, something for a tank commander. But the turmoil began, the base was atect. Ai fink that the device is still at the base. If you bring me this device and don’t ask questions, I’ll pay you seriously.


It is necessary to find the commander’s control panel on the Reserve. Looks like a large cardboard box

Commander’s control panel located in the bunker, near D-2 exit

The fastest way to get to it will be from the entrance at the radar station (Building with a picture of the queen). However, the bunker can be accessed through: white bishop, white pawn, black pawn, king and food block

We leave the location alive and give the Commander’s control panel to Peacekeeper

Find Commander’s control panel on map
Descent into the bunker D-2

Descent into the bunker D-2

T-90M commander's control panel

T-90M commander’s control panel

Great great great! Take my money! And not a word about our business to anyone.

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