Fishing Gear

Рыболовные снасти
Previous quest “Friend from the West. Part 2”
Have a nice day! My name is Peacemaker, you were recommended to me by our mutual friend – Skier Skier. He described you as a person who knows his own worth very well, as well as a very loyal person. But let’s not waste precious time, we’d better get down to business. I have to arrange delivery of some equipment for certain people. you will be provided with everything that needs to be transported. Your task will be as follows: you need everything that was given to you, deliver and leave on the coast, near one of… Uh, I forgot how to pronounce it in Russian, and… there is a boat near the breakwater. This very place will be the place of the bookmark. Do you understand the task in front of you?


Take the starting equipment from the Peacemaker. Hide the multitool in the cartridge pouch, and place SV-98 in the weapon slot.

Leave for the Shoreline; there will be a breakwater with a broken boat against a burning gas station below on the coast.

Lay the items near the boat, then exit the location. If you have placed objects but died, you do not need to place them again.

If you lose items, you will need to buy them.

Find a place to lay items on the map
Breakwater with a broken boat on the shore

Breakwater with a broken boat on the shore

Place for bookmark SV-98 and a multitool

Place for bookmark SV-98 and a multitool

My comrades got everything they needed. Great job, I will be glad to work with you again.
Next quest “Tigr Safari”

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