Lend lease. Part 2

Лэндлиз. Часть 2
Previous quest “Lend lease”
Good afternoon! Tarkov’s territory is full of all sorts of objects. There are even secret ones. Here they become a tidbit for marauders. These reptiles managed to find something, but their claws have not yet been everywhere. How can I put it so gently? My customers don’t like this. They want to protect some secret gizmos. These technologies must be removed from there, and as soon as possible. No need to contact resellers, forget about all kinds of contacts. You do everything yourself, is that clear? Of course, the business will be paid generously. Serious guys are behind this. You don’t have to worry about money. Find everything on the list.


You need to find two Virtex and one COFDM in raid.

They spawn on locations such as the Reserve and the Laboratory.

COFDM can be easily found in the bunker in the room with the activation of the exit D-2, in the hangar (White King), the third floor of the black elephant, or in the marked rooms(RB-VO key and RB-BK key).

It will be more difficult with Virtex, it is recommended to craft it. However, it can be found in the locked rooms on the Reserve or in the Laboratory.

COFDM and Virtex can be crafted in the hideout at the Intelligence Center level 2

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Intelligence Center 2 lvl

Broken GPhone X
Military circuit board
38 h 53 min x1
Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter
Military circuit board
37 h 36 min x1
Virtex programmable processor
Find COFDM on Reserve
Find COFDM and Virtex in the Lab
Next quest “Peacekeeping mission”

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