Previous quest “Wet Job. Part 4”
How are your preparations going? Perhaps you will be interested in my friend who shoots great with a sniper rifle. However, I warn you right away that his job has a high cost, he worked in a private military company, and is currently retired and is training for cash. If you make a positive decision regarding my friend, I will arrange a meeting with you.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


Important! After completing the quest, Wet Job. Part 4 you are given the quest Mentor, Pay only when you get level 6 of Sniper rifles because after this quest there will be a similar task from the Mechanic – Psycho-Sniper, where you need level 9 of Sniper rifles.

To level up the skill Sniper Rifles, you must hit the enemy with bolt-action rifles and reload them. Such rifles include: All types of Mosin rifles, SV-98 , DVL-10 “Saboteur” , Remington M700

It is recommended to take the Mosin Rifle and a few packs of ammo. Go to kill the scavs, shooting arms and legs and simultaneously constantly reloading.

I have been informed about the beginning of your training, your skills, in my opinion, will contribute to a fairly quick assimilation of the material by you.

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