Mutual Interest

Ah, I was just waiting for you to show up, mercenary. I suppose you already know about the group of former PMCs that sat down on the reserve base? My western partners that are evacuating the remaining valuable equipment, these from the former mercenaries, are creating large troubles. I think it is in our common interest to make these bandits much smaller. Do you see what I’m getting at?


You need to kill 50 Raiders on the Reserve

Raiders can be spawned by activating power to the Bunker hermetic door and D-2.

When the extract Bunker hermetic door is activated, raiders can spawn in the depot and patrol it

When you activate the D-2 exit, the raiders can be spawned in the adjacent rooms

Raiders spawn with a certain chance. Reactivating the Bunker hermetic door extract will not spawn raiders

The location of the activation levers can be seen below.

Find the Lever to activate the exit Bunker hermetic door on the map
Find the Lever for activating the exit D-2 on the map
Entrance to the electrical room

Entrance to the electrical room

Lever for activating the output D-2

Lever for activating the output “D-2”

Great, mercenary. Now it will be much easier for my people to operate on location! Thank you for your work.

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