Peacekeeping mission

Миротворческая миссия
Previous quest “Lend lease. Part 2”
Have you read the latest press? The media are sanding blue berets, in full. They say they are messing around in Tarkov. Negligence and stuff like that. Journalists did not leave a living place from them. I hate these bloodsuckers! They swoop in like vultures and strip meat to the bone. I can’t calm down. Funding is at stake. And we, my friend, cannot lose him. This scenario is not included in our plans. Therefore, you need to convince the people of the opposite. All the deeds of illegal gangs must be stopped. This is what you will do. You will act as the UN representative. As for the equipment, the issue is already being resolved. I will provide everything you need.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


Killing scavs will only be counted if your character is wearing a helmet of the UN contingent in Tarkov (Untar helmet) and the MF-UNTAR Body Armor (MF-UNTAR Armor vest). Scavs need to be killed with M4A1.

Take the starting equipment from the Peacemaker and modify weapons as desired. It is recommended to use 855A1 or 856A1 ammo.

Scav spawn locations are indicated below on the maps.

Find the scavs in the Woods
Find the scavs on the Shoreline
Find the scavs at the Interchange
Find the scavs at Customs
Oh, are you here already? My management asked me to express my gratitude to you. The region is gradually being cleared of wild ones. Journalists also open their mouths less often. And these bad articles are not published so often. In addition, we have made a lot of good shots for newspapers. Nice! Good work!

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