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Time is running out. In short, listen. Finally, there is information about new stimulants. From taking these drugs in a person, the pain threshold decreases – to the point that people generally cease to respond to pain. And one more thing: they increase endurance, and strength increases by an order of magnitude. The merchant is a certain Orderly who operates somewhere on the coast. It has not yet been copied. He is very careful, so he supplies only local residents with his stimulants, and even then not everyone. I need to get them, and as soon as possible. Believe me, this is an important matter. After all, the development of new drugs is costly and very expensive. And testing on animals, and only then on humans, takes a whole lot of time. It is worth considering that the effectiveness of taking stimulants may not suit the customer, and then all efforts will go down the drain. And here the whole process has already been launched and is in full swing – the result, as they say, is obvious. I think that my acquaintances will soon be interested and want to get the latest developments of this Sanitar.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


It is necessary to find injectors in the raid, which were made by the Sanitar. The easiest way to find them is in the Laboratory at Sanitar office, black, blue and green closed rooms. Also, you can get them to the Sanitar

The rarest one is obdolbos

Amigo, great job! I am more and more convinced that the production of these drugs is somehow connected with the activities of Terragroup. By the way, while I was probing the ground, there were several lucrative offers for these stimulants. Man, we should hurry up and get them first, before someone gets ahead of us.
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