Spa Tour. Part 1

Путевка в санаторий. Часть 1
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So, sir, closer to the point. Your help is always welcome. If you continue in the same spirit, I will be glad to tell you about the most important secrets. We have one little business, but not a simple one, but a “golden” one. We are expecting a big profit from him. Do you know the sanatorium “Cote d’Azur”? Nice place, I can tell you. Our business is connected with him. Some work is underway there, but it is too early to devote to the details. It is more important to note the fact that there are wild ones scurrying around nearby. And after all, they need to stick their curious nose everywhere. They will steal everything that lies crookedly! We have to teach these comrades a lesson. We tried to explain to them in a human way, but the second time this will not happen again. The gingerbreads are over, it’s time to arm yourself with a whip. What are your thoughts on the 12-gauge weapon? Yes, this is not the most democratic way to remind the wilds where they belong, but what can you do? They themselves ran into tough measures. As far as your abilities are concerned, I have no doubt about the quality of the task completed.


Take any 12 gauge shotgun (for example, МР-153), modify it as desired.

It is recommended to take a slug ammo, for example “Poleva-6u” or “AP-20”. If you take a buckshot, then you have to close the distance with the Scavs.

Go to the Shoreline and kill 7 scavs in the head.

You should have the following route: Burning gas station next to the «Norvinskiy» yacht club, hydroelectric power station, and parking next to the sanatorium.

Find Scavs habitats on the map
Modified МР-153

Modified МР-153

The route to complete the quest

The route to complete the quest

Hope the Scavs got you right.
Next quest “Spa Tour. Part 2”

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