Spa Tour. Part 3

Путевка в санаторий. Часть 3
Previous quest “Spa Tour. Part 2”
Good health – so, in my memory, the locals greeted me after the arrival of the blue helmets. Our people are currently carrying out a very important business in the sanatorium. We always needed help from you and came to the place. We are missing some of the tools, so the tools for the job are called. The matter is serious, for this reason it is necessary to personally make sure that the equipment is in good working order; in such a situation, the mediation of resellers is excluded. I am already familiar with your agility, so I believe that this kind of work will not be a problem for you.


All the items have to be found in raid.

It is recommended to go to the OLI store for WD-40 100ml and Corrugated Hoses

Bleach and Clin wiper can be found in OLI offices (You can buy the OLI logistics department office key) and in the store opposite OLI called «Dom mebeli»

You can also visit the Shoreline and run through the village (Do not forget to go into the chairman’s house, which is lower than the village itself) to find all the necessary items.

On the second level of the Lavatory there is a craft of all the items needed for the quest.

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Lavatory 2 lvl

WD-40 400ml
Metal cutting scissors
2 h 30 min x2
WD-40 100ml.
Lavatory 2 lvl

Silicone tube
Insulating tape
3 h 21 min x2
Corrugated hose
Lavatory 2 lvl

Heat-exchange alkali surface washer
Sodium bicarbonate
38 min x5
Ox bleach
Lavatory 2 lvl

Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya
Schaman shampoo
40 min x1
Clin wiper
Find OLI on map
Find a village on the map
Well done, everything turns out as it should.
Next quest “Spa Tour. Part 4”

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