Spa Tour. Part 6

Путевка в санаторий. Часть 6
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Recently we have done a great job with you. It pleases me without a doubt. Everything goes like clockwork. Further more! I think you understand how important it is to have reliable people by your side. I would like to entrust you with a bigger deal. This is not the first day I have been doing it. This is a sanatorium. Now I have to say a word, because they don’t talk about this right and left. In addition, I will not refuse guarantees on your part. Will you bring me a bunch of someone’s ears? Ha ha! Joke! However, there is definitely some truth in it. You must prove your loyalty if you want to work with me in a serious way.


Buy dollars from the Peacemaker and give them to him.

I did not even doubt that I was dealing with a man of my word.
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