Spa Tour. Part 7

Путевка в санаторий. Часть 7
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What to expect and what to count on if this is happening around, damn it! We did not monitor the electricity at all, as a result of which the generators stopped working. My people are experiencing power outages, which is not at all a joyous moment, since time is money. The sanatorium was a place of activity for many even before our arrival. You need to find generators that are serviceable. It is possible that they are located in closed rooms located on the second floor in both buildings. A lot of generators are needed. If you find it, just tell me the room numbers.


All the items have to be found in raid.

Go to the Interchange to the OLI store. On racks, you can find Alkaline cleaners, corrugated hoses, and propane tanks.

Morphine can be found in stores: Mantis, TARZDRAV, and Apteka. There are also many medicines in the sanatorium «Lazurniy bereg»

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Medstation 2 lvl

Pile of meds
Analgin painkillers
Disposable syringe
1 h 12 min x1
Morphine injector
Lavatory 2 lvl

Silicone tube
Insulating tape
3 h 21 min x2
Corrugated hose
Find OLI on map
Find medicines in the sanatorium on the map
Great job, I’ll tell my friends.
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