TerraGroup employee

Сотрудник Terragroup
Previous quest “Samples”
Hi, Amigo. Today has turned out to be a good day. My guesses that Terragroup is involved in the production of the latest stimulants have finally been confirmed. The mechanic has unearthed some information about our mysterious “friend”. Although this information cost us dearly, it is still better than being completely in the dark. Now we know that the orderly: divorced, received a medical education as an infectious disease doctor, worked for Terragroup, had access to the laboratory and was an order of magnitude higher than the regular staff. We did not manage to get the rest of the information. All hope is only for you. You must find out where the orderly has access to resources and, most importantly, where his workplace is. You should hurry up and use all possible resources. Understand buddy, time is working against us now.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


We buy at the flea market Key card with a blue marking or go to the Shoreline, look for the Sanitar, kill him and loot this key card from him

Next, we go to the Laboratory, opposite the room that opens with a green key card will be the Sanitar work room. We open it and go in

There will be a laptop on the table, a flash drive will stick out to the left of it, we pick it up and leave the location. We pass the USB flash drive to the Peacekeeper

Find USB stick on the map
Flash drive with electrical tape

Flash drive with electrical tape

Great, buddy. And straight to the point. We managed to decrypt that flash drive. Unfortunately, most of the information has been classified and I will have to hide some facts from you. I can only say that the orderly created and tested his preparations, conducting experiments on living people. You yourself understand that this is illegal and inhuman. Naturally, there can be no question of medical ethics and other crap. Although his disdain for human life and the suffering of his charges is understandable. After all, this psychopath Nurse is an ardent scientist.

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