The guide

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Ooh, is that you? Come, I’ll offer you some business. Some serious people, as they say, non-local, need the services of a professional guide. He must lead the group to the indicated place and at the same time not ask unnecessary questions. The reward for this service will be good money. Do you think you can do it? I will recommend you when I see that you are ready for this…


It is necessary to obtain the status of “Survived” at all locations in a row without dying.

This means that you need to gain at least 600 experience before leaving the location.

For example, kill two scav and search them / Loot a lot / Kill PMCs with a lot of items.

It is recommended to kill two scavs, loot them and leave the location.

The quest is recommended to be performed at night. The chance to meet the enemy will be lower.

Tip: it’s best to start with the Factory and the Labs, as these are difficult PvP locations. It’s better to get out of the Lab through elevators. Just when they are activated, raiders appear and you can kill them to get some exp.

Very good job! You will be contacted later for further instructions.

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