Wet Job. Part 2

Мокрое дело. Часть 2
Previous quest “Wet Job. Part 1”
Sherlock! It’s great that you are here. Remember the security cameras installed at the weather station? So, they “noticed” something interesting. Let’s omit the little things. Most importantly, a group of wild ones often appears there. Were dressed in some kind of rags. They look like sailors or fishermen. As I said, they often hung out there, but recently they disappeared from sight. Deals are muddy, I have an excellent instinct for such things! I guess their pockets are more than full. The task is as follows: find their new halt on the coast. Once you find it, mark it on the map. My people will figure this out.


Buy a marker from Prapor and go to the Shoreline.

There is a barge near the exit of the tunnel, cross it and get to an island.

Before reaching the ruined house, we mark a place where there are two tables.

Get out of the location and pass the quest to the Peacekeeper.

Find the habitat of fishermen on the map
Place marking with a marker for the quest Wet Job. Part 2

Place marking with a marker for the quest Wet Job. Part 2

Good. Let’s see who you found there. We will contact you a little later.
Next quest “Wet Job. Part 3”

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