Wet Job. Part 3

Мокрое дело. Часть 3
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And you are definitely not a miss, May Friend! This is not flattery, and not even a compliment. Facts, nothing more. I’m sure my partners will want to benefit from this businessman. The place that you indicated has already been examined with all the details. The helmets found out that some fisherman lived there. Most likely, he has long been dead, but the cameras filmed his druzhbanov. It also turned out that this fishwoman was friends with a certain Artyom. According to eyewitnesses, he usually cut through the yellow Daihyn. I don’t know what they were really doing, but one thing was clear for sure. Their affairs are somehow connected with the Russian military. And this, I think, is very interesting. Listen to me carefully. After the mess, Artyom’s car remained on the coast. Keep a tip and try to find it. Write down the number – we will break through the database. Then everything will fall into place.


Near the exit Tunnel in front of the barge, there are several cars and a bus. You need to go to the yellow car.

Then, just exit the location and turn in the quest to Peacekeeper.

Find artyom’s car on map
 Yellow car - Artem's car

Yellow car – Artem’s car

What’s with the car? Was it okay? Now let’s break the number. It seems that the most interesting is just beginning.
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