Wet Job. Part 4

Мокрое дело. Часть 4
Previous quest “Wet Job. Part 3”
It turns out that after the mess Artyom was on the territory of the sanatorium. Perhaps he had a connection with the Terragroup, but there is no reliable information about this. It is also impossible to say with certainty what affairs connected Artyom with the fisherman. I assume that they were engaged in military technology, because each of their meetings is classified under the heading of secrecy. If the list of residents has been preserved, then it will be possible to establish the specific place of Artyom’s stay. Perhaps the documents have survived – look for them in the office of the administration of the sanatorium.


The path lies to the Shoreline to the second floor of the administrative building of the sanatorium «Лазурный берег.»

There will be a small office next to the back room. Inside the table will be the desired flash drive.

Pick it up, leave the location alive, and pass the quest to Peacekeeper.

Find flash drive on map
Protected flash drive on the table

Protected flash drive on the table

Good job, friend!
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