Wet Job. Part 5

Мокрое дело. Часть 5
Previous quest “Wet Job. Part 4”
Good rewards are provided for good work. In accordance with the records in the documents, Artem rented number 328. In it, most likely, he worked. Your task is to infiltrate this number and seize any remaining records of it, if any.


Buy at the Flea Market the Health Resort universal utility room key or Health Resort east wing room 328 key (These are adjacent rooms)

Then go to the Shoreline to the sanatorium. Find room 328 of the eastern wing of the sanatorium and open it with the key (the adjacent door to room 328 opens with the key to the utility room).

Under the table will be a PC case. On it, there will be the hard drive you need. Pick it up.

Now you need to get out alive and pass the quest item to Peacekeeper.

Find working HDD on map
A working hard drive on the PC in room 328.

A working hard drive on the PC in room 328.

Good job, good reward. I’ll hand over the flash drive for verification right now.
Next quest “Wet Job. Part 6”

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