Wet Job. Part 6

Мокрое дело. Часть 6
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Hello good friend! It seems an exciting deal is just around the corner. The disc contains several blueprints for the rocket engine. In the west, it will certainly arouse great interest, because it is used on the Akula submarines, and they are supposedly not produced at all. In addition, on the disk, we found information about one sailor who served in the Baltic Fleet. He is a fighter with extensive experience, currently resides in Tarkov, and, most likely, communicates well with the naval command. It is with this sailor that we need to establish contact. There is information that he conducts trade relations with the wild, and it is not easy to get close to him. It is required to act extremely covertly. There will be only one chance, so there should be no mistakes. Otherwise, the tidbit will be lost forever. So don’t let me down, my friend. I am even a little worried, realizing the importance of the upcoming business. Any mistakes are absolutely unacceptable. You are a wonderful fighter, but I want to test your qualities as part of a covert operation. I need a good sniper, experienced and reliable. Come if you’re ready.


Important! After completing the quest Wet Job. Part 4 you are given the quest Mentor, where you have to pay 50,000 euros to the Peacemaker for 3 levels of Sniper rifles. Pay only when you get level 6 of Sniper rifles because after this quest, there will be a similar task from the Mechanic – Psycho Sniper, where you need level 9 of Sniper rifles.

To level up the skill “Sniper rifles,” you need to reload sniper rifles and shoot enemies with them.

Leveling up if you hit the enemy is calculated after the end of the raid.

Ideally, take a Mosin Rifle (No matter which one) and a few packs of LPS  ammo. You can go to any location.

As soon as you appear, just press the reload button. The bullet will be ejected out of the chamber to the ground, and the character will load another one.

Try to make as many hits on the scav as possible. It is advisable not to kill them immediately. Shoot them at legs and arms.

Watch out for fatigue. With each reloading, you will receive fewer points.

I confess, I wasn’t sure if you were up to the task. However, everything worked out! From now on I will call you a shooter.
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