Capturing Outposts

Listen, soldier, there is work for you here. I was informed the other day that PMCs have seized several Wildlife bases in the region, and they say there is enough good there. Can you help the old soldier? They filled up these fighters so that the guys could safely pick up the swag. They reported to me about three points: the construction site where the Wilds hang out at the Customs, the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Forest, and the river pier on the Shore. Clean it up properly, and let me know when it’s ready.


You need to kill 15 PMCs at three locations in certain places

Pier at the Shoreline, territory of the Norvinsky yacht club

The Scav base at the Woods is the camp of the EMERCOM, which is located between the sawmill and the extraction of the RUAF Roadblock

The Scav base at the Customs is at a construction site, where extraction ZB-013 is

Find pier on Shoreline
Find Scav base on Woods
Find Scav base on Customs

That’s much better. Thank you, warrior. Potsans say it became calmer, they understood your idea.

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