Проба пера
What’s up, warrior? What are you interested in? Money? Nishtyaks? Yes, no question, but who are you and what are you made of? I see you for the first time, and I’m sorry, but I am many years old to immediately trust people, so you will have to prove how strong you are in this area. You know, there has been no shortage of tough guys in our beautiful city lately. Then we will see that if you are worth something, then the attitude can become warmer, prices are lower, and things are cooler. Fair, right? Then, it’s OK. Since you agree, soak, say, five wilds at customs and bring me 2 MP-133 guns as proof


It it is recommended to take the SKS or Mosin bolt action rifle with you. SKS has a higher rate of fire, which allows to make a mistake. In the case of Mosin bolt action rifle, with PS (7N1) bullets it can oneshot in the chest with a very high chance, but it has a very low rate of fire.

Go to Customs and kill five scavs, a more detailed location of them is noted below.

Make sure they have the MP-133 shotguns. This shotgun can be found on the scavs and inside various weapon containers.

If you are having trouble with finding shotguns, you can visit the Factory as scav and kill a scav bot with an MP-133. The easiest way to find scav is to go to the Factory. Respectively, the chances of finding a shotgun there will also be greater.

Below is a map showing their habitats. Scav kills are not taken into account when you play as scav. The Reshala and his followers go to the account of the dead scavs.

Find scav habitats on the map
Scav with Saiga-9

Scav with Saiga-9

Scav with PP-Kedr

Scav with PP-Kedr

What? I mean you really put these thugs down? Or just took some rubbish when others were too embarrassed to take it, no? Okay, don’t rustle. I’ll trust you until you screw it up.

Next quest “Checking”
Next quest “Search mission”

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